Tudor House Boutique accomodation offers travellers every comfort of home.

Tudor house is one of Glen Innes historic homes located in the heart of town and is one of Glen Innes’ significant landmarks. Now converted to Boutique Accommodation, Tudor House, is located one block from the shopping centre and a short stroll to restaurants and the RSL Club.

Relax after dinner by the fireside in the guest media lounge, watching a movie on wide screen LCD television or listening to music. Alternatively, take time to enjoy the old time pastime of playing board games or cards.


Guests can design their own breakfast from our extensive menu, including fresh seasonal fruit, cereal, choice of hot dishes, bakery, etc.

Wireless internet is available. BBQ facilities are available in the back garden, especially pleasant during the summer months and we can look after your catering needs if required.

RCG Courses Make the Difference

RCG Courses Make the Difference
The gaming industry is a closed field that does not easily accept new members. Even if you are able to claw your way in through the back door, it can be difficult to find your way into a position that can actually provide you some prestige and extra money. However, there are certain things that you can do in order to put yourself on the fast track to success in the Australian gaming industry. Getting your RGC Certificate is one of the most important of these things.

Your RCG Certificate tells the gaming industry that you can be trusted as a true professional. You will not have to sell yourself to anyone – the standardized nature of the certificate tells potential employers that your skill set has already been vetted. You will be able to walk into literally any establishment with your head held high, knowing that you can present yourself with confidence.

The established gaming industry in Australia trusts the RCG process. You will instantly gain the respect of employers that will set you apart from your competition. If you are looking to solidify a position within the gaming industry, the first step that you should take is getting your RCG Certificate.

Why Every Investor Needs Marketing Services Gold Coast

Why Every Investor Needs Marketing Services Gold Coast

The business arena makes some people to spend sleepless nights, probably pondering about getting the best tender, or expanding the operations of the business. However, the most excruciating issue that most investors have been forced to bear with is marketing and proper marketing for that matter. There is increasing pressure in this competitive space and this makes it difficult for clueless investors to survive. This is what has necessitated every investor to get reliable marketing services Gold Coast. This can be one of the easiest ways through which a business can gain mileage despite presence of stiff competition. 

Embracing marketing services Gold Coast helps on to understand what the market needs are. Most companies that offer these services are made up of professionals with a long experience in the industry, so they understand every bit of the market. Note that it is not possible to survive without marketing. This could be the worst idea. Getting marketing services Gold Coast allows the business to gain recognition and to build a reputation within a short period of time. This is something that no investor would like to miss. 

Proper marketing means increased leads and consequently more sales. A business that aspires to experience any growth must show proper marketing practices. Once the products of certain business gain recognition, the investor gets an ample time to expand production, something that helps to build the venture further. However, most people fail to realize the importance of hiring marketing services Gold Coast at Juice Marketing. This explains the reason some companies have been struggling to get to the top despite the fact that they have been operational for many years. The market is ever changing, making it difficult for the ordinary folk to come up with measures to counter losses. All this can only be possible in the hands of professionals. Companies that offer marketing services Gold Coast find this easy and will complete their job in time.

Why Candid Images Are an Important Part of Wedding Photography Melbourne

Why Candid Images Are an Important Part of Wedding Photography Melbourne

When you sit down to discuss the services you want from wedding photography Melbourne with the photographer who you have carefully selected, the photographer will ask numerous questions about what you expect from him or her. Some of these questions may relate to attire or other similar questions so that the photographer can more easily blend into the crowd to appear as a guest at the wedding. Others, however, will relate to your expectations from the images themselves. There are some standard images that are taken at most weddings and receptions, such as a group picture of the entire wedding party and the family members. However, another question the professional may ask you about wedding photography Melbourne is if you desire candid images. 

There is a fee associated with each service you request, and a photographer likely will need to bring additional equipment to the wedding if you opt for candid images. This is because candid images generally need to have better self-adjustment to different lighting situations and auto-focus features that other camera equipment does not have. Therefore, it is important to tell your wedding photography Melbourne professional ahead of time if you want candid images taken of your wedding and reception or not. 

When you think about candid images as part of wedding photography Melbourne, it is important to note the difference in the subjects. With a staged or formal picture, the subjects will have time to compose themselves and will even be told to smile or to turn their heads a certain way. These images can look amazing, but they often lack the raw human emotion and powerful spirit that is found in candid images. Candid images from wedding photography Melbourne may catch the bride and groom staring lovingly into each other’s eyes. They may catch a tear running down the bride’s mother’s face. They may catch the bride’s father patting the groom on the back. These types of images simply cannot be staged, but they ultimately may be some of your most treasured images from your wedding. 


As you can see, candid images are important from a wedding. When asked if you want these types of images from your wedding and reception, a great idea is to choose both formal and candid wedding photography Melbourne services.